The site of TATIANA AKAEVA about the treatment through the methods of the bioresonance medicine


Ordinarily, the man starts to think about health, when already has a baggage of more chronic diseases. That is why it is so important the multilateral initial diagnosis and the development of an integrated approach of the entire organism’s recovery by means of similar alternative / complementary medicine’s methods as:

  • Vegetative Resonance Test (VRT) and Bioresonance Therapy 
  • Homeopathy
  • Reflexotherapy (acupuncture)
  • Laserpuncture
  • Mesotherapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Psychological diagnosis and informational correction

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About the method of bioresonance therapy

  The bioresonance therapy is the medicine of the 21st century and integrates the most current informational technologies, with best quality, that activates an enormous potential of the hidden vital reserves of the human organism. For this reason, is no wonder that hundreds of people, who did not find medical aid are extremely grateful for the miraculous healing of their diseases. The Bioresonance therapy (BRT) consists in the correction of the organism’s functions by acting on it with electromagnetic radiations, which have strictly defined parameters, from a determinate spectrum of the frequencies of magnetic oscillations.


Chronosemantics is the methods of diagnosis and Bioresonance therapy, using biologically active mantic points in the palm. From certain points of the palm’s lines, which give negative characteristics, with the aid of special technologies, is sampled the electromagnetic signal, then this signal is inversed at 180 degrees, being then retransmitted in the same point from where it was sampled. Is obtained something like vaccinations — we change the negative events for human being with other positive events. In result, is get the performance of the therapy «that sees» in which from the beginning are taken into consideration the concrete results of its behaviour, the patient is passing to the positive pole of the life situation’s evaluation, is produced the issuance of the negative prognosis of the self-achievement.



Consultations by

Akaeva Tatiana Vladislavovna Doctor of medical sciences, board certified physician specialized in integrative medicine: VRT diagnosis, Bioresonance therapy, Homeopathy, Reflexotherapy, Dermato-cosmetology

We treat

The chronic diseases of various organs and systems, hepatitis, obesity and surplus fat, joints diseases, diabetes, varicosity, haemorrhoids and others.

We use

- bio-resonate preparations; - homeopathic preparations; - plant-based preparations (phyto-preparations); - cellular preparations