Mesotherapy is the method of intradermal medication, in very small doses, locally, regionally and also  remotely from the affected place (organ) in order to obtain a therapeutic effect, by the action of the drugs inserted and by the effect of stimulating the biologically active points and the reflexogenic zone.

The modern direction of M.Pistor’s classic mesotherapy is the biological mesotherapy or homeo-mesotherapy.

Homeo-mesotherapy represents the synthesis of M.Pistor’s classic mesotherapy, S. Hannemann ‘s homeopathy and H. H. Reckewerg’s homotoxicology.

Through this method, to the patient are intradermally or hypodermically administered small quantities of homeopathic or antihomotoxic preparation, combining so the administered drug’s pharmaceutical effect with the mesotherapy’s effect.

The basis of homeo-mesotherapy is represented by two directions of the regulating medicine: homotoxicology (as one of the homeopathy’s directions) and acupuncture (as part of the Chinese traditional medicine).

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Food intolerance test

Food products and their tolerance.

Correction of food intake by VRT-BRT method.

Food intolerance is much more subtle than food allergy, because in case of food allergy, eating one product or another, you feel and see the allergic reaction ( skin itching, redness, swelling, eruption).

Is of course unpleasant but simple enough to exclude the products that cause a «furious» reaction.

Much more dangerous is the hidden food intolerance, slow reacting allergy, when the «insidious» food has no manifestations so well accentuated, but that causes a quite important damage to the organism. One aspect is that you like certain products and is quite different if these are dangerous or not for you.

You have eaten an «injurious»product for you and the organism reacts to it, as to a foreign object (for example, a virus) and consumes huge resources of vital energy for fighting «this enemy».

Then should not be better to direct the energy to other more important purposes?

An old English proverb says: One gram of prophylaxis is more important than one kilogram of therapy».

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