Treatment of hepatitis

- Making a complex diagnosis in order to determine and identify the viruses of A, B, C, D hepatitis and other, by using VRT method.

Determination of organism’s reserves in order to be able to have a complete healing.

Determination of presence or absence of hepatic cirrhosis

- For the treatment of viral hepatitis is selected a complex   individual therapy, using the  patient’s blood electronic autonosodes, the selection of an individual program for correcting the disorders of the mineral exchange, and also the usage in therapy of the newest hytopreparations  (Melanin, Shiitake, Ganoderma), with extraordinary results according to research studies made by microbiologists of the Russian  Academy of Sciences

-  selection of  constitutional individual homeopathic preparation  during the diagnosis examination.

This integrative approach in the treatment of hepatic viruses and also the patient’s observance of the physician’s recommendations, leads to a significant improvement of the health condition, to a subsequent stabilization and normalization of the indicators of blood’s biochemical analysis.

The healing starts from 6-9 months, until 2 years, this period is individual for each patient, when he observes the physician’s recommendations.

At all patients that used these integrative methods of alternative/complementary medicine, is no longer detected the hepatic virus subsequent to analysis.