Preparations based on biologically active plants

 (Biological additions as food additive)

The preparation represents a buckwheat seed extract, obtained through a special extractive technology. Crystal product, with high molecular contents (melanin) with dark brown colour and may be quite well dissolved in water. Melanin are natural pigments, bio-polymers in bound state, found in many organisms (animals, plants, micro-organisms)

In the human organism have the role of photo- and radio- cellular protectors, endogenous regulators redox potentials, of the hormones of homeopathic reactions. The most efficient are the soluble melanins, carriers of the pigment’s chromogeneous part and that are introduced in organism orally or intravenously. These melanins are reluctant to the development of neurotic exchanges and pathological somatic modifications, which may be connected to the normalization of the neurotransmitting processes, as well as to the inhibition of oxidation reactions of free radicals of lipids from cellular membranes. Among natural antioxidants, melanin is the most active substance, at which the presence of more paramagnetic centres facilitates the interaction with radicals. The melanin’s paramagnetic centres contribute to the deactivation of labile free radicals, which appear after the organism’s irradiation with UV rays or with ionizing radiation and, also, in the result of some fermentation processes and in autoxidation reactions.

The offered preparation has a high concentration of paramagnetic centres — up to 8-1018 spin/g. Such a concentration protects the organism, having the role of an active antioxidant, of a radioprotector, and also of a genetic protector.

In case of research of the antimutagenic action, was determined that the preparation may visibly diminish the mutagen’s destructive action, at various introduction regimes.

Is used as active biological addition in food and contributes to the organism’s general healing, visibly diminishes the action the adverse life conditions. Has a polifunctional pharmaceutical action:

  • participates in the DNA’s repair
  • participates in the processes of respiratory chain’s functioning, as electrons acceptor
  • is a modulator of photo- and radio-protection
  • neutralizes the products of the liquids’ peroxidation
  • participates in the neurotransmitting processes
  • favours the restoration of affected neurons
  • has high capacity of sorption, is enterosorbent
  • participates in the organism’s protection against cell malignant transformation
  • stimulates the processes of cellular proliferation
  • normalizes the intestinal flora’s composition
  • holds off the growth of tumours
  • holds off the replication of AIDS virus type 1 and 2
  • holds off the organism’s ageing processes
  • corrects the organism’s hormonal fund, the pigment exchange disorders

Indications for use

  • Effects  of UV radiations and ionizing radiations
  • Disorder of pigments’ metabolism: vitiligo, gipo melanosis (gipomelanosy)
  • Disorders like tumours
  • Dishormonal disorders
  • «Chronic fatigue» syndrome
  • Intoxications with heavy metals salts, with toxins
  • AIDS
  • Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, pigmentary retinopathy
  • Burns, septic-purulent states
  • Activity with the presence of stress factors
  • Diminution of general exchange of substances

Were not identified contraindications for the preparation’s utilization

The preparation is not toxic, without overdose during utilization.

Comes under the form of : package of  2,0g, 4,0g, 6,0g, 9,0g of dry substance. Dosage spoon for  100mg.