Obesity and surplus weight

Complex treatment of obesity is made by using VRT-BRT methods, reflexotherapy, homeo-mesotherapy and phytotherapy.

Nutrition optimization – research and selection of individual nutrition programs by using VRT method and bioresonance therapy for complete cellular nutrition and for body’s modelling.

The individual therapy programs are actually elaborated for each one, so that you may move freely and have an active life. The selection of individual constitutional homeopathic preparations shall help to correct the substance exchange in the organism and to change the behavioural deviations in nutrition.

The complex homeopathic preparations selected by VRT method shall help to clean the organism of toxins and to normalize your energy potential.

The basic phytotherapeutic preparations, made according to the latest technologies of bio-accessibility for organism (Melanin) shall help to keep the obtained results and to maintain them at a certain level.

The time spent by you for recovery, shall be compensated significantly with a bigger working capacity, with a better wellness, with the joy of life and with a significant reduction of the morbidity.