Diagnosis using VRT — Vegetative Resonance Test

The methods of diagnosis using electropuncture are based on the measurement of electrical parameters of the biologically active points (BAP) and biologically active zones (BAZ) of the skin, allowing to be evaluated the state of the organs and organism’s systems, connected to it.

The diagnosis by VRT is made according to the following scheme:

For example, is necessary to be determined if in the human organism is present a virus or a bacterium. The weak electromagnetic signal, which corresponds to this virus, is detected in the human contour through biologically active points.

Usage of electropunctural methods of diagnostic allows: 

  • to reveal wide range of pathologies in organs and tissue systems using syndromic , nosological and topical approaches;
  • to evaluate reaction of organism at any stage of medicinal or any other therapy method;
  • to select adequate dosage of any curative influence (such as dosage of allopathic and homeopathic remedies) both in quantitative and qualitative terms;
  • to form individual prescriptions for reflex (electro-, laser-, color- and magnet) therapy;
  • to reveal patient’s overload by electromagnetic, radioactive, geopathogenic and other physical, chemical and infectional factors;
  • to determine biological age of different patient’s organs and systems;

to select and test dental materials, cosmetics, jewellery , etc.