Advantage of using VRT-BRT

The individualization of the diagnosis and therapy for each single patient.

Making the treatment under permanent control of the electropunctural diagnosis (vegetative resonance test VRT) and also of the segmentary diagnostic, allows:

  • to trace objectively the dynamics of the treatment and to make adequate correction of the therapy applied.
  • to accentuate the internal relationships between the organ’s diseases and the organism’s systems.
  • to make an efficient therapy of severe and neglected diseases by the action over the disease’s  fundamental cause.
  • to make a complex influence, due to the internal reserves (bioresonance therapy), and also by using certain types of therapy external for organism, such as : electro- and  laser-therapy, magneto-therapy, chromotherapy (therapy with multiple resonance), homeopathy, nosodes, organic preparations.
  • to increase the organism’s resistance to the influence of the pathogenic factors : infectious, physical, chemical
  • absence of negative and secondary effects.