Range of possibilities for using the equipments for VRT-BRT

The equipment allows:

  • To make electropunctural diagnosis by using the Vegetative Resonance Test (VRT) method;
  • to make diagnosis of resonance-frequency and the therapy of viruses, funges, protosoa, helminths;
  • to make endogenous and exogenous bioresonance therapy ;
  • to make induction therapy by cerebral rhythms;
  • to make segmentary functional bioelectronical diagnosis (on the body’s segments)
  • to evaluate the relations between organism ‘s internal organs and tissues;
  • to eliminate from organism stored endo- and exotoxins;
  • to determine secondary action of medicinal substances and to reduce them;
  • to treat the allergy by preparing «antiallergens»;
  • to treat the tobacco’s addiction;
  • to record the electromagnetic oscillations of the patient’s organism by various methods of informational transmission;
  • to make homeopathic informational preparations, nosodes and organic preparations;
  • to make electropunctural therapy with the possibility to modulate frequency, form and amplitude of electrical impulses;
  • to connect the equipment for performing laserpuncture, cromotherapy and magnetic therapy.

The medicamentary electronic selector allows the physician to test the preparations contained in any potency and combination and also to make the transcription of their medicinal particularities by using any means of information transmission (lactose globules, water, etc.)