Principles of BRT’s action — Bioresonance test

As far back as the ’80 the scientific researches proved that the living organism reflects electromagnetic oscillations in a wide frequency spectrum.

These oscillations govern all biophysical, biochemical and morphological processes taking place in it.

During the process of adaptive bioresonance therapy, in the human organism is produced the cancellation of pathological electromagnetic oscillations and the intensification of the physiological ones, allowing the organism to return at healthy condition, as a result of using its own reserves.

After the formation of the closed bioresonance circuit, between equipment and patient is produced the organism’s adaptation to equipment’s abilities. The healing process takes place optimally for each human.

Is more efficient to combine the bioresonance therapy with the well-known method of electropunctural diagnosis and therapy and also with homeopathy.

Using original software and equipment allows to significatively simplify and to increase the efficiency of using the laws of traditional Chinese medicine and to select homeopathic medicamentary means.