Efficiency of bioresonance therapy

The efficiency of energy-informational therapy methods, according to our data (Russian Federation) and according to foreign data is 75-85% in case of :

  • diseases of broncho-pulmonary system
  • diseases of cardiovascular system
  • diseases of gastrointestinal tract
  • gynaecological and urinal diseases;
  • skin and allergic diseases
  • chronic and degenerative diseases
  • endocrine disorders (inclusively diabetes)
  • syndromes of diseases of different etiology;
  • pre- and postoperative treatment
  • disorders of immunitary system;
  • rejection of dental materials and implants;
  • all types of endogenous and exogenous intoxications and others;

Even in the conditions of lack of specialised medical institutions, any physician that possess equipment for VRT-BRT, may replace a small therapeutic hospital.

Is necessary to underline the fact that the bioresonance therapy may be very well combined with therapeutic methods of classic medicine, which in particular allows to be directly controlled in the therapy process the different variants of physio-therapeutic or medicamentary treatment, that is to be determined dosage, multiplicity and tolerance of each influence.

The essential help in case of usual medicamentary treatment may be given by using new methodologies allowing to significantly diminish the secondary effects after administering a drug and also to be optimised their selection and dosage.

The importance of the bioresonance therapy is undeniably important for increasing the possibilities of organism’s adaptation at environmental unpleasant conditions.

In particular, the bioresonance therapy allows specific preparations that increase the elimination from organism of toxic substances characteristic to the area in which the patient lives and works.