During the activity with each patient, we elaborate a complex approach for healing the entire organism, by using similar methods of alternative/complementary integrative medicine, such as :

> VRT and BioResonance Therapy

  • Vegetative resonance therapy (diagnosis);
  • multilevel systemic diagnosis and therapy
  • Medical chronosemantics
  • Chronosemantics, using the elements of the Fatelogy (science about fate);
  • Innovative technologies of new non medicamentary therapeutic methods.

> Homeopathy

  • Individual selection of constitutional homeopathic preparation, using VRT method and some innovative approaches with the copyright of Akaeva Tatiana Vladislavovna
  • Preparing some rejuvenation preparations by using innovative methodology with the copyright of Akaeva Tatiana Vladislavovna
  • Individual selection as regards the classic homeopathy of constitutional homeopathic preparation, using the newest methodologies, elaborated with copyright by Akaeva Tatiana Vladislavovna
  • Individual selection of complex homeopathic preparations of the world’s most important manufacturers for the utilization according to certain individual therapy plans
  • Selection of homeopathy for various homeo-mesotherapy plans (rejuvenation, weight gaining, body modelling, rosacea, acne, hepatitis, joints diseases and others.

> Reflexotherapy (acupuncture)

> Laserpuncture

> Homeo-mesotherapy

  • Introduction through injectable method of mini-doses of homeopathic preparations in different acupuncture points (zones) for rejuvenation, anti-age therapy, body modelling in case of obesity, rosacea, cellulite, articular diseases, degenerative disc diseases, varicosity (details…)

> Autohemotherapy

  • Introduction to the patient of preparations from its own blood;

- through classic method

- through the Reckeweg’s speed autohemotherapy method

- introduction of electronic (directed) autonosode of the blood’s autonosodes,

- introduction of blood’s autonosode, all prepared according to the Corsacov method.