Preparations used in treatment

  • Bioresonance preparations: 

The preparations are individually manufactured and selected :

Bioresonance preparations  are electromagnetic signals of different intensity, taken from the patient and selected (by using the electronic potentiation) under an individual energy signal (patient’s individual marker) and, also, the general signal taken from the patient’s body, the signal taken from the patient’s head (cerebral response) and so on.

With therapeutic purpose, is prepared the individual (own) autonosode of the patient’s blood , the autonosode of urine, tears, feces, sputa, sweat.

  • Homeopathic preparations

- classic homeopathy ;

- complex homeopathy of the  world’s most known manufacturers:





The preparations are individuallu selected and are indicated in therapy plans in case of some different chronic diseases.

  • Preparations based on plants  (phyto-preparations)





  • Cellular preparations:

The cellular preparations represent innovative technologies with copyright of Akaeva Tatiana Vladislavovna by using some different preparations of the cellular structures, stimulating the organism’s cells. Are used for rejuvenation, anti-ageing, elimination of scar tissues’ effects (after burns, different surgeries, post-acne effects and others)

In case of getting ill with hepatitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, has a quite pronounced stabilizing effect.

At the patient’s individual request, are prepared individual cellular preparations of the patient himself, being administered injectable in the corresponding acupuncture zones, and also for the preparation of the rejuvenation individual electromagnetic signal, which may be recorded on the individual marker.